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Mobile phones have quickly become everyone’s primary mode of communication, connecting us to the world through our fingertips. When your phone breaks, it can bring your entire day to a halt. Our attachment to our smartphones and tablets has become a necessity to function in today’s busy world. This is why when your phone breaks down, getting it back up and running is a must.

Most people prefer repairing their phones over replacing or upgrading them for a number of reasons. All of your photos and contacts are on that phone – even your progress on your favorite mobile game. Luckily phone screen repair is a common and easy fix for your smartphone.

Reasons you should consider having a professional perform your phone screen repair:

  • While online videos may make it look easy, these videos are often sped up and use a phone that has already had all of the adhesive removed. In reality, phones take a finesse, that only experience as a mobile phone tech has, to open up correctly without causing additional, irreparable damage to the internal components.
  • Many videos will show someone replacing only the glass and using a clear liquid adhesive to bind the glass to the existing LCD screen. BEWARE: The only way to do this properly is to use a vacuum chamber that costs around $5,000 that pulls microscopic air bubbles out of the adhesive before it is made solid by exposure to UV light. For this reason, you really want a full LCD Digitizer assembly for your repair.
  • Most of the time when the glass on a screen breaks, it causes invisible damage to the underlying digitizer, which will cause issues with your touchscreen later on. This is another reason to have the entire LCD Digitizer assembly replaced.
  • LCD Digitizers are very delicate. Even if you feel confident that you can follow a video’s directions well, these parts are easily damaged during the repair. It’s much better to have a shop take that risk where they are much less likely to have a slip up during the repair.
  • Home repairs do not have warranties and parts sellers only warranty uninstalled parts. Make sure to go with a shop that offers a warranty on their phone screen repair.

If you find yourself needing your phone screen repaired, Repair With IntegrityCSI has been servicing people’s wireless telecommunication needs for over 20 years. You can rest assured that if your phone is able to be repaired, it will be done with professionalism and a guarantee.